Kei Kimura

expresses wild animals in Alaska, US by painting pictures

Media : Opaque Water Colors on Paper

born in Osaka in 1967
graduated Hatsushiba high school design course and Osaka designers' colledge
worked as a graphic designer and an art director in advertisement agency
established a graphic design company "HOOKJAW Design Laboratory" in 1996
established a wildlife artists group "GEO ART WORKS" and acted as a representative in 2006

In 1992, being impressed by the land of full of untouched nature in Alaska where he hadn't been berore,
he started painting pictures of wild animals living in severe Mother Nature.
Afterwards, his coverages in Alaska have been taken place every year.
He expresses majestic and beatiful nature of Alaska with gouache, to the details of little plants on the ground, small stones and really vivid fur of wild animals which you can find both feeling of awe and warm regards out of.
Since watching the reality of global warming for more than 10 years, Mr.Kimura keeps painting animals in Alaska hoping the rare untouched nature on the earth will last in the future.

"GOLDEN EYES" 2010 "EYES" 2000 "WOLF SONG" 2007
"LULLABY" 2009 "WISH" 2009 "KINGDOM" 2007
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