"GEO ART WORKS" is a name of wildlife artists who have advanced artistic expressions
through earnest nature observations and on-the-ground researches.

Our Statement of Intent

The works of "Wildlife Art" are painted or made for wild animals
and the style was achieved the considerable art position mainly in U.S.A. and Canada in 1970's.

The works are created under serious observation and insight.
We established "GEO ART WORKS"that is such artists group
who act up to natural observation with on-the-ground research.
We will make a public appeal of "Protection of Nature by ART" to many people to set a goal to lead them to have much interest with nature and to cultivate an attidude of compassion for nature.

We doneted our partial proceeds of the sale of our exhibitions to WWF, and we have added Red Cross Society and Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums to which we will make donations since March 2011.

Member Artists
Kei Kimura
expresses wild animals in Alaska, US by painting pictures
Media : Opaque Water Colors on Paper
Takuji Saito
expresses insects with paper
Media : Paper
Tadao Sato
expresses Japanese fresh water fish and water bird by painting on wooden board
Media : Acrylic Paint on Wooden Board
expresses flowers, insects, fishes, birds and animals mainly in Japan through realistic painting
Media : Acrylic and Oil Paint on Paper
Tomoyuki Takeuchi
(invited artist)
expresses Japanese Fishes with ballpoint pen
Media : Ballpoint pen drawing on Paper
Contact Information for all the works on our pages
"HOOKJAW Design Laboratory, GEO ART WORKS Office"

History of GEO ART WORKS

2007 OSAKA "Ikiiki Chikyukan"
2008 OSAKA "Sakuyakonohana-kan"
2009 TOKYO Minato Prefectural Eco Plaza
2010 AKITA OGA Oga Aquarium GAO
2010 KYOTO MIyako Ecology Center
2010 YOKOHAMA "Zoorasia" Yokohama Zoological Garden
2010 OSAKA "Sakuyakonohana-kan"
2010 FUKUOKA Fukuoka Science Museum
2010 TOKYO Tokyo Sea Life Park
2011 TOKYO Shibuya City Municipal Botanical Garden FUREAI
2011 HOKKAIDO Chitose Salmon Aquarium
2011 KOBE Housing Design Center Kobe

GEO ART WORKS member's works exhibited sign and display
at the newly opened KYOTO AQUARIUM on March 14, 2012