Rou Rin

expresses flowers, insects, fishes, birds and animals mainly in Japan through realistic painting

Media : Acrylic and Oil Paint on Paper

born in Tokyo in 1957
director of Japan Art Copyright Alliance
head of the secretariat of conventional natural char lovers' group "GANKOROKAI"
acts as a pioneer of wildlife art in Japan

Having created natural history illustration such as plants, insects, fishes, birds, and animals with technique of miniature, he started to picture not only creatures but also environment to increase the level of artistic quality.
Since coverism is his guiding principle, he gets into mountains and deep forests to get the field experience and sometimes stays even for weeks.
The pictures of animals and plants living in the beautiful nature in Japan have warmth and regards of affection.
Mr.Rin also makes efforts investigating and protecting the lives of natural chars which inhabit deep mountain torrent in Japan.

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