Takuji Saito

expresses insects with paper

Media : Paper

born in Kyoto in 1956
makes realistic insects from a piece of paper
trys to create works whitch last long in people's heart such as the one reminds crickets playing the violin hard when you hear them in the bush
acts around west Japan
gives demonstration in gallaries and teaches paper craft to children

He creates many kinds of insects with paper such as bees sucking nectar from a flower, pretty butterflies, hexacentruses and glasshoppers taking a rest on a weed, and beetles proudly swaggering on a tree.
There is also humorous prosopopoeia series, almost full-scaled insects having rest with coffee and newspaper, or playing musical instruments.
All of delicate antennae, end of legs, and the feel of wings are produced with minute observation.
Since many species are already extinct, Mr.Saito wants to give a chance to children to be interested in insects which are ordinary around our feet.

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