Tadao Sato

expresses Japanese fresh water fish and water bird by painting on wooden board

Media : Acrylic Paint on Wooden Board

born in Nagano in 1959
started career as an illustrator and worked for newspaper's ads, posters, catalogs, packages and so on while creating his original pictures since 1980
established "BLAST Ltd" in 1996
became free lance since 2006 (as "ATELIER BLAST") , worked on illustration for ads, packages, his original pictures of scenery, animals, birds, and "Mokusai".

The theme of his works is scene of familiar nature in Japan.
Japanese fishes are mainly picked up as motif like seemas or chars as well as birds gethering on the shore, insects, and flowers.
Recently he's invented a new technique called "Mokusai" which is the way you paint directly onto woods.
Estimating grains as stream, it brilliantly shows freshness of water and sense of translucence.
You'll be healed by the fishes swimming beautifully and vividly.
Inside the water, fishes are swimming safe and leaving offspring.
Mr.Sato keeps on working hoping the law of life, the ordinal appearance of nature will be returned.

Sato_work1 Sato_work2
Sato_work4 Sato_work5
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