Tomoyuki Takeuchi
invited artist

expresses Japanese Fishes with ballpoint pen

Media : Ballpoint pen drawing on Paper

a ballpoint-pen artist
a director of LIVE ART
works as a lecturer of ballpoint-pen art at culture school in Sapporo
draws beautiful pictures of fishes with adipose fin such as salmon or trout with ballpoint pen

Protecting the enviroment of rivers and forests as lifework, he puts his love, longing, and awe for fishes into his works which are so vivid and drawn from the point of fish's view that you can hear messages to their enviroment.
Mr.Takeuchi whose starting point is saving salmon's spawning grave longs everyone to be interested in nature, fishes, and animals around Chitose river through his works.

Takeuchi_work1 Takeuchi_work2
Takeuchi_work4 Takeuchi_work5
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